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Trust our 30 years of waterproofing experience.

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Wet-seal is a waterproofing specialist with over 39 years time proven experience. We have a proud history of protecting all internal and external wet areas from costly water damage in turn saving our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair work.

Thanks to our large, and growing, franchisee network, you can find us all around Australia and New Zealand. Or, you could talk to us about becoming a Franchisee yourself.

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About Wet-seal

Get Wet-seal to waterproof your wet areas professionally so they remain waterproof – guaranteed.

Need waterproofing for your wet areas, such as bathrooms, shower recesses, toilet and laundry areas, decks and balconies?  Don’t take any risks.

Wet-seal is an industry-leading waterproofing specialist for all internal and external wet areas and has been in operation since 1984.  Thanks to our large franchise network, you can find us all around Australia and New Zealand.

Wet-seal’s difference is our attention to detail & overall care.  One pin hole would lead to a waterproofing failure.

99% waterproof won’t work.  With Wet-seal, you get 100% waterproof.

The Latest News From Wet-seal


Making Supervisors Jobs Easier!

Supervisors have a very busy job managing each of their trades! Wet-seal’s Technical team have released a valuable resource for Supervisors to have as a reference point. This “Common Site Issues...

Remove Laitance to Enable Waterproofing Integrity!

Perfect and reliable waterproofing requires skilled applicators and quality systems.  It is also essential that the substrate to be waterproofed is sound and prepared correctly too. Concrete slabs sh...

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