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I had previously been doing my own waterproofing, but decided to make the switch to Wet-seal because I had received great reports from previous happy clients of theirs.

The first job Wet-seal did for me was excellent, which of course made me very happy, and I haven’t had the need since to source anyone else to do waterproofing on my clients projects.

Wet-seal are always prompt and are very good at providing friendly customer service.

The best part about Wet-seal is that I have never had to call them back to fix or correct a job.  Their honest, friendly and informative approach is very pleasing.

I recommend Wet-seal to any family and friends because the job they do is exceptional and I know the client will be happy with the product and service they receive from Wet-seal.

Shannon Rose / Owner, Straight AZZ Wall & Floor Tiling

I began using Wet-seal’s services in 2001, after a recommendation from a tiler I had been working with.

In the 11 years I have been using Wet-seal, I have always been happy with the quality of people who work within Wet-seal, and the quality of product is great.

The Wet-seal products adaptability to all circumstances and the prompt service that I get on all projects is what makes me continue to use Wet-seal.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Wet-seal to all of my clients when I am building for them and I always pass on their details to any other builders I come across.

Wet-seal always offer competitive prices and their service is second to none.


Russell Parsons / Manager, Russell Parsons Builders and Designers

We decided to work with Wet-seal because of their good reputation. Once we met Shaun from the Lake Macquarie/Cessnock franchise, and used his services on a few jobs, we knew we would form a good business relationship.

Shaun is always on time and the job is always done right the first time.

Before we used Wet-seal for our waterproofing requirements, another company mucked us around on a number of jobs, making the jobs drag on and cause disgruntled clients.

Once we employed Wet-seal for our waterproofing requirements all the headaches were taken out of the waterproofing side of renovating a bathroom.

Wet-seal is always on time and if, for some reason, we need a job done on a certain date Shaun always exceeds our expectations in getting the job done perfectly for us.

Our favourite feature would have to be Wet-seal’s reliability and confidence in knowing that the job will be done right – first time, every time.

We also like that Wet-seal keeps trying to further its product range, like the new Enviro-coat systems.

We recommend Wet-seal to everyone without any hesitation.

Greg Boughton / Owner, GRB Constructions

I saw Wet-seal as the industry leaders in the waterproofing industry after attending a trade night.

Prior to using Wet-seal I was having problems with leaky showers, but once I employed Wet-seal my problems were all solved.  Wet-seal’s service, product and industry knowledge all combine to make me very happy to continue to using them.

The new Enviro-coat range is good for clients, as it has a low VOC.  Wet-seal can do whatever is required for a satisfactory outcome.

I recommend Wet-seal to all my clients, as I haven’t had any problems with waterproofing since I started using them seven years ago – when you are on a good thing you just go with it!

Darren McGregor / Director, Jones and McGregor Building Contractors

I decided to use Wet-seal about 10 years ago when the new waterproofing codes came into practice, as I had to find someone reputable to work with. Wet-seal were the obvious choice.

I had only had minor problems in wet areas (mainly showers) prior to using Wet-seal, but since using Wet-seal haven’t had any callbacks on any of my jobs.

I like the fact that Wet-seal gives me peace of mind with the waterproofing on the homes I build. The fact that there are no callbacks is a real bonus.

My favourite features of the Wet-seal system are its products and the installation warranty. Wet-seal’s ‘done right the first time’ approach and helpful staff make working with them extremely easy.

I would recommend Wet-seal to any builder, homeowner or anyone needing waterproofing.

They always offer prompt service and are always very approachable.

Andrew Evely / Owner/Manager - Andrew Evely Homes

I decided to use Wet-seal some 20 odd years ago, as I liked the Wet-seal system and the applicators’ personality.

I hadn’t had any major issues with my previous waterproofing supplier but decided to make the change, as I felt the Wet-seal system is installed very well and seems to be a durable product.

I like the fact that Wet-seal is a great product, is quick drying and I always get reliable service.

My favourite features of the Wet-seal system are its durability and the fact that you can work on it the next day. The thing I like most about Wet-seal’s approach is that they take the necessary steps to stop the leaks.

I would recommend Wet-seal to my builders and anyone who requires waterproofing.

In the 20+ years I have been using Wet-seal’s services I have never been called back because of a waterproofing failure.

John Hicks / Owner/Manager, John & Astrid Hicks Bathroom Renovations