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It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial for your company.

After struggling for some time to receive quality service from my previous waterproofing supplier, I contacted Wet-seal’s Brisbane franchise and haven’t looked back since.

Their friendly service and willingness to work with our sometimes very tight deadlines is why I continue to use Wet-seal’s services.

I found within a very short space of time, after switching to using Wet-seal for waterproofing requirements on my clients projects, that I no longer had to chase up to see if my job was going to be completed on time.

I am very happy with the product quality and level of service that is provided to me by Wet-seal.

I would have to say my favourite feature of the Wet-seal products is the added strength of fibreglass over just the membrane system, giving it so much more strength and longevity.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Wet-seal to anyone as I think it’s a quality system and Chris and her team provide outstanding service.

Craig Doss / Director, Comstruct

We’ve used Wet-seal since 2003 and began using their services because we saw an advantage in Wet-seal as a product and service provider.

Wet-seal have well known products and we haven’t had any issues with water problems since we began using them eight years ago.

With Wet-seal products, there are no boundaries – you can waterproof anything with confidence.

Wet-seal always have the clients’ interest at the forefront and Wet-seal’s reputation for quality exceeds expectation.

I recommend Wet-seal to anyone, builders or general public, because it works.

The fact that Wet-seal can be adapted to most situations and the flexibility of timing for installation makes them easy to work with on all jobs.


Luke Drummond / Director & Construction Manager, Luke Drummond Builders

I decided to use Wet-seal some time ago for waterproofing on my clients’ projects due to their economical job costs and time frame.

Since making the decision to use Wet-seal’s services and products, I have never had any issues with Wet-seal.

I am happy to continue to use Wet-seal because of the guarantee they offer on product and workmanship.  I also like the colour because it fits in with our eco-statement.

Wet-seal’s on-time installation and their attitude towards customer service also helps us provide a great result to our clients.

I would recommend Wet-seal to other builders because they are reliable and provide great products at the right cost.

Jon Lattimore / Owner, Sustainable Eco-Housing & Renovations

I decided to work with Wet-seal a number of years ago because they supply a good product.

They are a good reliable team that do smooth, sharp, flat, neat jobs with no bubbles, etc. I am happy to use Wet-seal because they are reliable and respectful of other trades.

The thing I like the most about Wet-seal is that there is a short time frame from the first application to the final application which in turn allows the commencement of tiling to occur very quickly, saving overall time on each of my projects.

Wet-seal has a great approach, their local franchisee team have good communication skills, are always quick to return calls and are neat and clean in their workmanship; basically a very professional company.

I would, and do, recommend Wet-seal to other trades, homeowners, builders and associates without any hesitation.


Grant Williamson / Owner, Winspace Constructions Pty Ltd

Adbuilt Extensions decided to use Wet-seal initially because of their reputation within the building industry and the warranty they offer on product and workmanship.

We have always used Wet-seal for our waterproofing requirements, because they are reliable and the cost and quality of the products is what we expect.

The part I like most about Wet-seal is that it’s installed by a qualified person who specialises in waterproofing.

I would recommend Wet-seal to any client doing a bathroom or new home because the cost of fixing faulty waterproofing is very expensive and stressful and Wet-seal do it right the first time.


Bill McTavish / Construction Manager, Adbuilt

Richard Antcliff & Sons Pty Ltd have used Wet-seal for all their waterproofing work for more than 20 years.

I started using Wet-seal because I couldn’t find any other products that met the quality standard I required.

In the 20+ years I have been using Wet-seal, I haven’t had any problems with products or applicators.

Two of the many advantages of using Wet-seal are the one-day application and the other is the professionalism of the applicators.

There is no compromise with Wet-seal’s quality – they always do the job right. I would recommend Wet-seal to anyone who requires waterproofing done, whether it is fellow builders or homeowners.

Richard Antcliff / Director/Manager, Richard Antcliff & Sons Pty Ltd