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Waterproofing Best Practice Methods

When planning a build or renovation, protection of the building elements from water, which could cause severe damage, is a real challenge.  Water leaks can cause costly damage if not identified and fixed quickly, not a situation anyone wants to find their projects or home in.

Building Codes and Standards are the minimum requirement to ensure that builds are compliant.  Best Practice Guides complement the Building Codes and Standards and aim to assist the designer or builder to achieve the highest level of protection from water damage possible.  When planning work for an area that requires a waterproofing membrane like a shower, bathroom, ensuite, laundry, or deck it is a good idea to employ best practice alongside all relevant code requirements.

Wet-seal provide a proven waterproofing system that is installed only by a highly trained Wet-seal Independent Franchisee waterproofing professional. Wet-seal’s Independent Franchisees are experts in waterproofing to code and best practice requirements, and can provide a quality guaranteed proven waterproofing system for your build.  Wet-seal’s Technical Department also provides waterproofing specifications and design guidance to ensure the best outcome for the Architect, Designer, Builder and the Homeowner.

For any other advice of a technical nature, Wet-seal’s highly experienced technical team, will be happy to take your call.  Wet-seal’s Technical Team can be contacted on 0800 436 000 or via email technical@wet-seal.ws

Alternatively, please speak with your local Franchisee directly.  Details of how to contact your local Franchisee can be found at Find A Franchisee

Benefits of Waterproofing using Best Practice Methods