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Wet-seal™ Waterproofing Systems

Wet-seal™ Internal Waterproofing System for internal areas such as bathrooms, showers, ensuites, powder rooms and laundries

Wet-seal™ External Waterproofing System for external areas such as decks and balconies

Wet-seal™ Below Ground Waterproofing System for areas such as retaining walls

Wet-seal decided it needed to add a water based waterproofing system to its portfolio of products.  A comprehensive specification based upon our extensive experience and customer feedback was put together.  We reviewed the products that were available on the market and decided there was only one course of action – to develop Wet-seal’s own Enviro-coat system.

In 2009 having developed Enviro-coat, we constructed a new purpose built production facility, along with a laboratory to manage the facilities quality control and product research and development.  The facility is equipped with a range of capability from laboratory size pilot batches to full scale production volume.  Lean manufacturing and ISO9000 are used by the facility to compliment Wet-seal’s continuous improvement philosophy.

All of our Enviro-coat products have been individually tailored by our own Research and Development team to suit a range of internal and external waterproofing requirements.

They all share innovative chemical formulae that utilise a latex, hybridised with polyurethane to give flexibility, strength and low membrane water absorption.  Our Enviro-fabric imparts a durability against building movement and ensures a consistent dry film thickness.  The inclusion of Enviro-fabric in our system sets us apart from so many of our competitors who use un-reinforced membranes.

Our product range was expanded by the addition of Enviro-prime which was specifically designed by our Chemist for our Enviro-coat systems.

All of our Enviro-coat products are water based and have been independently tested to be low VOC products.

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are often associated with greenhouse gas emission, health risks and flammability.

Wet-seal believes in a “safer work site” and therefore we developed our own Enviro-coat range.