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External deck area waterproofing – Enviro-coat

This is our most environmentally friendly product to-date, developed by us with nature in mind.


  • It caters specifically to greener building practices.
  • It’s manufactured by Wet-seal in Australia to the highest standards, leveraging 30 years of industry experience.
  • It’s our most environmentally friendly product class released.
  • Enviro-coat’s sophisticated membrane has been designed and formulated by our consulting chemist for excellent performance tailored to each application.
  • The low odour and flammability system makes it better to work with and transport.
  • We carry out rigorous independent testing to achieve CSIRO approval and BRANZ appraisal.
  • Enviro-coat follows Wet-seal’s proven application system, following detailed and trusted specifications that meet the requirements of the Building Code.
  • Its design is flexible – Enviro-coat can fit any shape or size you need it to and withstand normal building movement.
  • We’ve tested Enviro-coat with a number of adhesive companies to make sure it’s compatible with all <CONFIRM “all”> common tile adhesives.
  • The class II membrane is durable and resistant to household chemicals.
  • The membrane is fully reinforced with inert fabric to provide a consistent finish.
  • Excellent acceptance of cementitious screeds – helps eliminate druminess.
  • Our materials and workmanship are guaranteed for every job.
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) have been independently tested by CETEC Professional Scientific Solutions.
  • Green Building Council of Australia – “Green Star”. The low VOC’s aid improvement to occupied workspace air quality by reducing solvent, green house gas, organic & other volatile emissions.

Where can it be used?

We apply Enviro-coat to any external surface needing waterproofing – decks, balconies (compliance with AS4654.2 published 30th June 2009).

Substrate Preparation:

  • Clean
  • Smooth
  • Dry
  • Free from contaminants

Suitable Floor Substrates:

  • Concrete
  • Cement screeds
  • Plywood sheeting (minimum thickness of plywood 17mm, grade CD)
  • Hebel
  • Scyon secura
  • Compressed fibro

Suitable Wall Substrates:

  • Concrete
  • Render
  • Plywood sheeting (minimum thickness of plywood 12mm, grade CD)
  • Bricks
  • Structural foam/textured coated foam
  • Blue board

Suitable Finishes:

  • Tiles
  • Carpets – outdoor
  • Adjustable tile or decking chair based systems
  • Timber flooring on bearers
  • Timber slat decks (e.g. jarrah and membrane to have UV protection prior to timber slats being fixed)
  • External pavers
  • Roof gardens, though good drainage is essential to protect the membrane prior to garden soils and aggregate being installed.  Technical information must be provided on chemicals you’ll use over the membrane.

Duty of care – cure time and membrane protection:

  • Allow adequate drying time of 48 hours at 25 degrees or longer at lower temperatures.
  • Protect the membrane system from being damaged by others (e.g. corflute).
  • If the membrane is not being covered with tiles, artificial grass, UV stable paint or timber, it must have a suitable approved Wet-seal protective coat applied.

Note:  Wet-seal DS 411 for decks and balconies is NOT a trafficable membrane.