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Anthony Zullo

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1993, Anthony has built a career in sales and sales management spanning more than 20 years, most of which was spent working at Australia’s iconic telecommunications company, Telstra.

At Wet-seal, Anthony is responsible for supporting our franchisees in building strong relationships with their clients locally, whilst working with the company’s many corporate clients to provide the high quality service they need.  His role as a sales coach to everyone hard at work on the frontline naturally compliments what Anthony sees as one of the Wet-seal management team’s greatest qualities – it’s passion for empowering franchisees to be at their best in the marketplace.

Anthony has the pleasure of talking to many of Wet-seal’s clients every day and each time it reinforces to him the value people place on outstanding service and workmanship.  His view is that thorough preparation is the secret to having confidence in anything you do and it’s certainly a key feature of the waterproofing system Wet-seal has refined for 30 years.