Rob Rath

It’s always handy having someone at head office that knows what it’s like on the frontline, and that person at Wet-seal is Rob Rath.  Rob spent 12 years working as a Wet-seal licensee – back in the day before they became franchisees – in Victoria, before moving into his current role as Head of Technical and Special Projects Manager.

Prior to that, Rob amassed an impressive tally of trade tickets from the Department of Labour & Industry in operating earthmoving and heavy equipment, before starting his own earthmoving and landscaping business.

The big highlight was still to come in 1982, when Rob was invited to be part of the John Holland joint venture team building the current Parliament House, which would include undertaking Australia’s largest ever waterproofing project.  During that time he had the pleasure of meeting British royalty and travelling to the top of the flag mast at Parliament House.

Rob has always believed that persistence and planning is the secret to a top-notch renovation or build, which is exactly the approach Wet-seal takes to each and every waterproofing job it completes.