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A Case Study on Protecting Your Hard Earned Reputation – The Details Really Matter:

Hawke’s Bay Area – The Pictures Tell The Story!

Wet-seal’s Hawke’s Bay Franchisee – Shayne Annan, was asked by another Tiler/Waterproofer to install a Newline Tray & waterproof it for him.  Having not previously installed & waterproofed a Newline Tray, the Tiler wasn’t confident he could complete the job correctly himself.

Shayne (from Wet-seal) met with the Tiler (who had installed his own waterproofing up until now) at the job site, & discussed with the Tiler as to what needed to be done.

During the site visit, Shane & the Tiler viewed the ensuite which the Tiler had already waterproofed, & Shayne asked the Tiler, if the ensuite was ready for tiling.

The reason Shayne questioned if it was ready was because, if you look closely at the below orange membrane pics (of the Tilers waterproofing), you will see it contains a number of pin holes.

This workmanship is from a Tiler who has been around for a number of years, so he was doing what he had always done.

Tilers Incorrect Waterproofing Membrane - Pin Holes

Incorrect Waterproofing by Tiler Showing Pin Holes

After Shayne had explained to the Tiler the process he was going to use to waterproof the job, the Tiler asked Shayne to complete the installation of the Newline Tray & also the waterproofing of it.

The Tiler inspected Shayne’s work & was absolutely dumbfounded at the quality of the finished product & workmanship & has now asked if Shayne will do all of his waterproofing in the future.

Any pin holes in the waterproofing present points for water to escape & not detailing onto or into the waste also creates another point water can escape.

These water escape points can cause slow leaks that typically over a 3 to 4 year period, can cause damage to the substrates & leak out of the shower, in turn costing thousands of dollars for remedial work to correct the issue.

The key to a Builder or Tilers longevity (or a waterproofers!) in the industry is their reputation.  Leaks over a number of years undermine a hard-earned reputation & spread negative word of mouth amongst previous clients.  They are much more likely to tell people their bad news story which impacts you & your company’s reputation – not something any of us want.

Below are the before & after images of the job.

Shower Waterproofed by Tiler Before Wet-seal Waterproofing Done

Shower Waterproofed by Wet-seal over Tilers Waterproofing


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Protect Your Hard Earned Reputation