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Bathroom Waterproofing Tip shower screen correct placement

Bathroom Waterproofing Tips

Shown with this article are three pictures which highlight the same results one of our Franchisees has had from three call backs.  One of which, was sealed 18 months ago with bathroom waterproofing it is imperative that it is done right the first time.

All three bathrooms showed no signs of membrane failure, as the moisture had been contained within the bathroom/shower area.  When the shower screen had been installed on the external edge of the hob/nib wall, it allowed water to penetrate the top tiled surface and in turn found a way to escape.

It is common that water causes a failure in the mitred grout joints and in extreme cases, causes the tile glue to delaminate from the membrane causing cracked tiles.

When checking with the builder why they chose to install the shower screen on the external edge, the same response was received: “The client wants the ledge for storing shampoo, soap, etc”.

Whilst the builders believe they are doing the right thing by their client when asking them where they want to store their shampoo, they are causing themselves issues.

When our Franchisees arrive to a call back where the shower screen is installed incorrectly, the first question they ask is “Why is the shower screen not installed to the National Construction Code (NCC) requirements, AS 3740:2010 amendment 2012, 3.18.2, page 32,”

For showers with hobs, the shower screen is to be installed to ensure it is flush with the shower side of the hob.

At this point the leak becomes the fault of either the builder, the screen installer or the architect.

There is a very simple and inexpensive fix for this problem, install a soapbox into the wall at the time of construction.

This gives the client space inside the shower to store items, it also gives them a ledge outside the shower to store more items and satisfies the NCC requirements.

Most importantly, it eliminates the call backs caused by incorrect shower screen installation.

For any other advice of a technical nature, Wet-seal’s highly experienced technical expert, Robert Rath, will be happy to take your call.  Robert can be contacted on 0413 008 303 or via email rrath@wet-seal.ws

Alternatively, for a bathroom waterproofing expert, please speak with your local Franchisee directly.  Details of how to contact your local Franchisee can be found at Find A Franchisee

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