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Coating Sustainability

Sustainability in construction is a focus of both consumers and manufacturers.  The concept of “Green Technology” and “Sustainability” are no longer fringe ideas but are now main stream concepts.  Sustainability in the coatings industry is also a primary focus, as can be seen by consumer habits, paint recycling organisations, coatings sustainability conferences, and government regulations on coatings manufacture.  Sustainability can be achieved in coatings by:

  • Improved durability of coatings
  • Carefully selected ingredients

Improved durability of coatings benefits the environment due to less aftermarket servicing.  Durable coatings also benefit the consumer economically as they are set and forget and have a longer service life.  Carefully selected ingredients improve the durability of the finished product.

Sustainable ingredients are also selected to reduce the carbon footprint and to improve the green technology credibility of products.  The best option to manufacture sustainable coatings is to use water-based raw materials.

Water-based ingredients in coatings replace oil-based or solvent-based coatings. Solvent and oil-based coatings contain high amount of volatile organic substances. The change to water-based significantly reduces VOC emissions.  For example, a typical solvent or oil-based coating is 50% VOCs!  A typical water-based coating on the other hand is only 5% VOCs.

Wet-seal takes sustainability seriously and developed a water-based technology “Wet-seal Enviro-coat” to reduce VOC inputs in the construction industry.  That’s also why our “Wet-seal Enviro-coat” Waterproofing system is designed to ensure build durability and is rigorously tested by CSIRO and assessed by BRANZ.

Elisabeth Brazier, MSc. BSc(Chemistry) – Wet-seal Product Manager


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