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The Key to a Tiled Shower that won’t Leak

A leak in a tiled shower can be difficult to discover and may result in severe damage and costly repairs.  The key to a tiled shower that won’t leak is in the substrate and waterproofing installation.

Performance requirements

New Zealand Building Code clause E3 Internal moisture requires that surfaces likely to be splashed must be impervious and easily cleaned and prevent water from penetrating behind linings or into concealed spaces.

The Acceptable Solution E3/AS1 provides a range of options for linings and finishes in showers that meet the performance requirements of clause E3.  These include that ceramic or stone tiles have 6% maximum water absorption, have waterproof grouted joints and are bedded with an adhesive suitable for the tiles, substrate and wet area environment.

This article is an extract from the BRANZ Build Newsletter, to read the full article please click on the following link:

Waterproofing Tiled Showers Full Article

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