Tarped off balcony being w space heater before waterproofing


Stop Your Jobs From Freezing!

In winter the setting rate of screeds, concrete, cement tile adhesives and levelling compounds slows down.  So does the drying rate of paints, coatings and waterproofing membranes. Planning with trad...
Testo 872 Thermal Imaging Camera distributed by Wet-seal


Thermal Imaging Cameras Explained

  What is it? Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging camera to view and gauge thermal energy emitted from an object.  Thermography cameras can identify problem areas that cannot be seen...


Stop a Major Factor in Wet Area Leaks – Select the Correct Tile Adhesive & Correctly Apply It!

Correct use of tile adhesives can help prevent wet area leaks.  Spot fixed tiles allow water to track behind tiles and are often the cause of wet area leaks.  Correct application of the tile adhesiv...


Moisture Vapour Barriers Protect You

Moisture vapour barriers prevent damage caused by water migrating from outside, through the concrete slab and into the dwelling.  Most new concrete slabs use a moisture vapour barrier under the conc...
Current Construction Methods Wet Area Waterproofing Substrates


Current Construction Methods – Wet Area Waterproofing Substrates

Current construction methods associated with wet areas with concrete and/or fibre-cement sheet flooring is generally consistent with the below.  Waterproofing, including Type 5 Perimeter Flashings, a...


Understanding the Performance of the Building Regulations – Waterproofing

The measure of performance of a waterproofing system is associated with assessing the key functions of waterproofing itself.  By definition, a “waterproofing system” is a combination of elements ...
Concrete Moisture Meter Testing


Substrate Preparation Is Paramount!

Substrate preparation is paramount to the success of any waterproofing project and with up to 80% of all building defects associated with waterproofing, it pays to get the preparation right.  Waterpr...
The Importance of External Above Ground Waterproofing


The Importance of External Above Ground Waterproofing

Balconies, or external living spaces require protection from moisture that can cause costly damage to the balcony’s supporting structure, or any habitable room(s) below.   A correctly installed wa...