Concrete Moisture Meter Testing


Substrate Preparation Is Paramount!

Substrate preparation is paramount to the success of any waterproofing project and with up to 80% of all building defects associated with waterproofing, it pays to get the preparation right.  Waterpr...
The Importance of External Above Ground Waterproofing


The Importance of External Above Ground Waterproofing

Balconies, or external living spaces require protection from moisture that can cause costly damage to the balcony’s supporting structure, or any habitable room(s) below.   A correctly installed wa...


Chemists Corner: The Mechanisms of Primer Adhesion

To get waterproofing right, it helps to take a view of waterproofing as a system rather than just a single product.  The substrate could be considered the first layer in the waterproofing system.  A...


Coating Sustainability

Sustainability in construction is a focus of both consumers and manufacturers.  The concept of “Green Technology” and “Sustainability” are no longer fringe ideas but are now main stream conce...
Wet Area Mould


Wet Areas & Mould

When waterproofing a wet area, it is worthwhile considering how best to create a safe environment for the occupants.  Many homes within Australia use a mortar based screeded bed to achieve falls...


Waterproofing Planning – “Crucial Things to Know”!

During the building of homes waterproofing is often an area that the Builder/Supervisor only considers just before tiling.  In the industry a Builder/Supervisor will often call up the Waterproofer t...


Understanding the Performance of the Building Regulations – Waterproofing

The measure of performance of a waterproofing system is associated with assessing the key functions of waterproofing itself.  By definition, a “Waterproofing System” is a combination of elements...


Waterproofing – Your REPUTATION is at stake!!

  Waterproofing plays a major role within new buildings.  In this article we highlight the KEYS to keeping your reputation as a quality builder intact.   Low cost investment protects reput...