Waterproofing & Concrete Curing Agents

To achieve perfect and reliable waterproofing, it is essential to have skilled applicators and high quality products.  It is also essential that the substrate that is to be waterproofed is ready and ...


Residential Balcony Waterproofing Height Requirements – Doors & Perimeters

On any residential balcony installation, the finished height for the waterproofing of a perimeter and door relative to the finished floor level is a requirement that is critical to performance, but is...


Waterproofing Penetrations within a Shower Enclosure

During the construction of a wet area, in particular a shower enclosure, multiple penetrations through the wall sheeting used will occur.  Typically, these penetrations are for the mechanical fixings...
Wet-seal on The Block


Wet-seal Bayside South Appears on Channel 9’s Hit TV Series – The Block

Wet-seal were delighted to be involved in Channel Nine’s popular renovation series The Block, when Paul Rohan (Bayside South Franchisee) was asked to completely waterproof a bathroom.  Paul and...
Why Use Water-Based Waterproofing Membranes - Wet-seal


Why Use Water-Based Waterproofing Membranes?

In present times the building industry has seen an increasing trend towards green technology and materials.  Government initiatives to reach zero-carbon combined with greater consumer concern over g...


How Do Waterproofing Membranes Cure & What Is The Difference Between Drying & Curing?

When a cold liquid membrane is applied to a substrate it could be considered to be similar to paint.  We all know that paint has to dry before it possesses its protective properties.  The same goes ...


Doorway Waterstops (Angles) & the requirements associated with Jambs, Architraves or Stud Framing

People often deem the waterproofing of a shower enclosure and waterproofing of the perimeter of a wet area as essential, and in turn neglect the seriousness required when dealing with the termination ...


Wet-seal Invited to Speak on Waterproofing for Wet Areas at Building Surveyors Seminar

Wet-seal’s Head of Technical & Special Projects, Robert Rath, was invited to present his expert knowledge on waterproofing for wet areas at the recently held Building Surveyors Seminar host...