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The Old Problem – Rough Concrete Shower Bases

For years concrete shower bases have been shaped out & the surface left rough, and in many cases totally unacceptable.


The minimum acceptable requirement is an even wood float finish.  The National Construction Code (NCC) 2016 calls up AS 3740-2010 amendment 2012, page 20 which states “The area shall be clean and dust free, indentations and imperfections shall be kept to a minimum and repaired when necessary”.


The costs involved in carrying out the remedial work can be approximately $150 – $300, or may involve greater costs (e.g. time taken to rectify, etc), when having to get the concreter back to correct the job.


Therefore, it is very important that the concreter provides an acceptable finish ready for waterproofing when they first do the job.


Another way to overcome this issue is to screed with falls, and then waterproof the area.


If a membrane is installed on a rough surface and it fails, the repairs are a major inconvenience for the home owner as the work required to correct the area can include removing shower screens, tiles, mortar bed and the old membrane, as well as rectifying the surface.  In many cases to simply rectify a basic shower, can cost $2500.


If all of the bathroom tiles have to be replaced, then the cost can escalate to between $7500 and can sometimes be in excess of $25,000.


All of this can be avoided by good building practices!


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