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All Membranes are not the same!

Results from our research and feedback from the building industry told us there was a need for a non-hazardous, durable, non-acrylic waterproofing system with a safer and lower environmental impact.  Our experience showed us that Class 3 un-reinforced membranes often lack long term durability.  We came to a different conclusion than our competitors!

Enviro-coat waterproofing system

  • We developed a reinforced Class 2 system where we fully reinforce high risk areas.

Why?  To give maximum strength and long term durability.

  • We developed an innovative chemical formula based upon latex hybridised with polyurethane and a tile adhesive keying agent.

Why?  To get the lowest water absorption and the best water barrier we could and to enable a wide choice of tile adhesive options.

  • We developed Enviro-fabric which is up to 60% more dense than our competitors.

Why?  To give robustness against building movement and a consistent dry film thickness.

  • We supply Enviro-coat exclusively through our national network of trained Franchisees and their applicators.

Why?  There is no point having the best system if it’s not installed by the best people.

  • We developed the best system based upon 30 years experience in waterproofing aimed to last beyond its warranty period.

Why?  Because you can always find us if you have a problem!

  • We had Enviro-coat independently tested and appraised by BRANZ.

Why?  We are proud of what Enviro-coat can do and want to have the best systems available.

  • Enviro-coat is a non-hazardous and non-flammable product range that helps provide a safer work site and a lower environmental impact by reducing the emissions of volatile solvents.

Plus:  It also has a low odour enabling surrounding trades to work in close proximity.

  • Protecting the Enviro-coat membrane from UV and light foot traffic isn’t a necessity but it is beneficial.

Why?  To ensure the Enviro-coat membrane can continue to perform as it should – protecting the wet area it is designed for.  Protecting it also allows membrane longevity & effectiveness.

Recent success story

In the last 12 months we have had two larger project builders move across to the Wet-seal System.  Their reason for change being, their previous providers were using acrylic products with no reinforcement and when reviewing their maintenance and call back data associated with these providers, they felt this was an area which required significant improvement and was impacting on their brand.

They have now introduced the Wet-seal Enviro-coat high performance membrane waterproofing system with the fully reinforced fabric which better compliments their brand and risk expectations in the internal waterproofing components of their projects.  This has saved time and money on costly maintenance programs.

Having a relationship with a national group like Wet-seal (operating in both New Zealand and Australia) also allowed these builders the added comfort of knowing they would get a consistent product and service in all locations they were undertaking projects.