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Tech Specs

We only use the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers to provide you with industry leading waterproofing systems.  Each of these products has proven credentials that document their uses, benefits and success.

The following technical documentation below includes suitable Adhesives, Scope of Works, Project Specifications, Quality Assurance, BRANZ Appraisals, compliance to Australian Standards and Low VOC Reports for our systems.



When tiling directly over Wet-seal™ Enviro-coat Membranes, polymer modified, flexible cement-based tile adhesives are recommended.  Wet-seal Enviro-coat Membranes have been independently tested and are compatible with quality C2S1 and C2S2 tile adhesives. Ensure that the tile glue is water based. Solvent based adhesives are not compatible with Wet-seal™ Enviro-coat Membranes.  Premixed (Dispersion) tile adhesives are not recommended.  All tiling is to be carried out to AS 3958.1- 2007 “A Guide to The Installation of Ceramic Tiles”.

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Tile Adhesive Classification to AS 4992/ISO 13007 recommended requirements over Wet-seal™ Enviro-coat Waterproof Membrane
Adhesive TypeCementitiousC*
CharacteristicsNormal Adhesive (standard Strength)1
Improved Adhesive

(Stronger tile adhesive)

Highly FlexibleS2*
*Optimal strength and flexibility will be achieved with C2S2 tile adhesive. Optional additional characteristics including Extended open time (E) and Fast Setting (F) and slip rating (T) may also be included.

Scope of Works

Scope of Works Enviro-coat IS 520 Internal Waterproofing

Scope of Works Enviro-coat DS 420 Decks & Balconies

Scope of Works Enviro-coat GS 220 Below Ground Waterproofing

Scope of Works Top-wear UV 115 Finished Coating for Wet-seal’s Enviro-coat IS 520, DS 420 & GS 220 Systems

Scope of Works Planter Box


Quality Assurance

ISO9001 Quality Assurance Certificate


AS/NZS 4858 & AS/NZS 4654 Test Certificates

Enviro-coat IS 520

BRANZ Appraisal Enviro-coat IS 520

Enviro-coat DS 420

BRANZ Appraisal Enviro-coat DS 420

Enviro-coat GS 220



CETEC VOC Report Enviro-coat IS 520

CETEC VOC Report Enviro-coat DS 420

CETEC VOC Report Enviro-coat GS 220


Gleda – Streamline Waterstop Angle Care Instructions

Streamline Care Instructions