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Wet-seal External Waterproofing System

System Description

Wet-seal™ Enviro-coat DS 420 is a one component, highly durable, fibre reinforced SBR latex hybridised polyurethane, water-based membrane designed for waterproofing, decks, balconies, concrete slabs, and other general external structures that will be covered with toppings, screeds, tile beds or trafficable coverings.

Wet-seal™ Enviro-coat DS 420 is a BRANZ appraised product and is compliant to AS 4654.1:2012 and AS 4654.2:2012. Wet-seal™ Enviro-coat DS 420 is water based and low in VOC and meets the GBCA’s Green Star IEQ requirements.


  • Australian made
  • Low VOC, water based, & non-toxic
  • Fibre-reinforced for enhanced durability
  • Green star compliant
  • Fast curing
  • Compatible with tile finishes, concrete render, and masonry toppings
  • Excellent adhesion to substrates
  • BRANZ Appraised
  • Compliant to AS4654.1 & AS4654.2: 2012 waterproof membranes for external unexposed applications

Where can it be used?

  • Decks & balconies
  • Podiums
  • Terrace floors


Technical Data Sheet

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Branz Appraisal

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