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Residential Balcony Waterproofing Height Requirements – Doors & Perimeters

On any residential balcony installation, the finished height for the waterproofing of a perimeter and door relative to the finished floor level is a requirement that is critical to performance, but is often misunderstood during construction.  This misunderstanding often relates to the interpretation of the requirements associated with the termination heights set in the Australian Standard for Balcony Waterproofing (AS4654.2-2012).

AS4654.2-2012 states the termination heights (found in Appendix A) that are the minimum termination heights ABOVE the finished floor level.  Generally this can be interpreted as the finished membrane height above the tiles once waterproofing/screeding, etc has been completed.  Essentially the minimum height requirements are such that they assist in the prevention of wind driven water penetration, and these requirements vary throughout Australia due to the various Wind Class Ratings.

Compliance with these requirements is essential, and never is it more important to satisfy the minimum termination heights than when dealing with doors.  A common issue is experienced when a design requires the finished tile height to match that of the internal floor level.

Tile heights flush with the level of the internal flooring brings risk to any waterproofing installation, and extra care should be taken to ensure compliance with AS4654.2-2012.  This compliance issue can be overcome by forward thinking and the use of appropriate drainage as detailed in AS4654.2-2012.  Issues with compliance may also be negated due to forward thinking whereby the height requirement is considered and carefully planned for prior to construction.  Adjustments in the design after documentation has been completed may be necessary if this critical element has not been thoroughly detailed.

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