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So Much To Know About Substrates!

Wet-seal’s Technical Team have sought to help you by pulling together a Substrate Guide that summarises the answers you need for all the common substrates where waterproofing is concerned.

The Guide is available for you to download by clicking on the following link:

Wet-seal Substrate Guide

The Guide will enable you to get your head around having each substrate correctly installed to meet the Standards on your job.

This enables the high risk waterproofing component to take place without you losing any time due to the job not being ready.

Manufacturer requirements are summarised for:

  • Tile adhesives and tile fixing
  • Villaboard
  • Plywood
  • Strandboard
  • CFC Sheet
  • GIB Board
  • Concrete
  • AAC Block







Wet-seal’s Technical team is committed to assist with ensuring your substrates are correct, so we can waterproof to meet the manufacturers specifications.

For further information regarding the Substrate Guide, please contact Wet-seal’s Technical Team on 0800 436 000 or via email at technical@wet-seal.co.nz