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For The Best In Specialised Exterior Waterproofing, Use Wet-Seal, Which Utilises The Best In External Joint Sealing And Waterproofing Sealer

Homeowners across the country can benefit from the type of specialised waterproofing that Wet-Seal has to offer. Exterior waterproofing can protect a home against groundwater leaks and save a homeowner thousands of dollars in the future. With Wet-Seal, a homeowner gets not only the most knowledgeable in the business, but also the finest quality products. Wet-Seal uses its own exclusive membrane, only available to its franchises. The membrane, the best technology in the industry, is then applied by the highly trained operators of Wet-Seal franchises all over Australia. This type of external joint sealing will end up saving a homeowner several thousand dollars in the long run.

The tiniest of holes in a home’s foundation can develop into a very costly leak. Using waterproofing sealer is how a homeowner can protect the home from developing these kinds of cracks. Wet-Seal has been manufacturing its products in-house for over two decades and is very environmentally conscious. All products are low-odour, low flammable, and environmentally friendly. Homeowners can feel safe knowing that they are getting a high quality product that is non-toxic as well.

The Wet-Seal name has been around for over 25 years. The company started in 1984 providing waterproofing services. As the company developed better technology, the company grew into a large nationwide operation. It has gained a reputation for being the best in the industry. They are a leader in providing the nation with information regarding everything from exterior waterproofing to internal waterproofing.

As the company expanded, it developed into a franchise operation in 2001. Currently, there are 47 franchises all over Australia and seven in New Zealand. The company is still expanding and those interested in running a successful business can get more information about starting a Wet-Seal franchise. All franchisees receive hundreds of hours of specialised training, something that does not occur across the industry. Many in the business receive a half-day workshop on a sealing product and then go to work. The training and the fact that franchises are owned locally produces the best workmanship and service in the industry.

Wet-Seal has what many in the business do not – its own research and development team. They have a qualified membrane Chemist on staff that works with a team of scientists to search for upgrades and improvements that can be made to current technology. The company prides itself on introducing the latest innovations in the field, including products like external joint sealers. All new products are certified by the CSIRO independent testing laboratories.

Through the years, Wet-Seal has serviced almost one million different areas, interior and exterior, with their waterproofing products. The company has an amazing 99.9 percent reliability rate. What this means for homeowners and builders is that by hiring Wet-Seal, you are going to get a job that is done correctly and done correctly the first time. One of the more common issues in a new home is bathroom leaks that are due to faulty sealing products and/or poor application. These mistakes can end up costing homeowners thousands in the future.

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