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Thermal Imaging Cameras Explained

Testo Thermal Imaging Camera distributed by Wet-seal


What is it?

Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging camera to view and gauge thermal energy emitted from an object.  Thermography cameras can identify problem areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye when trying to detect water leaks.  The Testo 872 can be used in multiple areas within the building industry such as electrical fault finding, thermal bridges, structural defects, moisture ingress and insulation defects.

Wet-seal’s investment in the Testo 872

The Testo 872 is the ideal thermal imaging camera that has an infrared resolution of 320×240 pixels that can extend out to 640×480 pixels via integrated Super Resolution Technology which delivers the highest image quality.  The devices comes with a software app that connects to your wireless device such as a phone or tablet, to give even greater viewing area and help identify the origin of the leak.

Wet-seal’s Technical Team have been using the camera’s for over twelve months now and are seeing huge productivity gains and cost savings.  We can establish leak causation in many instances without any invasive investigation necessary and can have a ready-made report available within 30 minutes.

Spot the leak quickly and powerfully

The images shown of the Testo in action in a bathroom / shower investigation, clearly identify the leak occurring due to the Tiler incorrectly spot fixing the tiles.  The water has travelled along the glue cavities and out of the shower area.

The way forward for your business?

Wet-sealTM have been so impressed with these cameras in use, we have become an authorised Testo distributor.

For further information regarding the Testo 872 thermal cameras and how they can save you valuable time and money, please contact Wet-seal’s Technical Team on 0800 436 000 or via email at technical@wet-seal.co.nz


Testo Thermal Imaging Camera distributed by Wet-seal

Testo 872 Thermal Imaging Camera distributed by Wet-seal