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Stop a Major Factor in Wet Area Leaks – Select the Correct Tile Adhesive & Correctly Apply It!

Correct use of tile adhesives can help prevent wet area leaks.  Spot fixed tiles allow water to track behind tiles and are often the cause of wet area leaks.  Correct application of the tile adhesive is to back butter any tiles over 400mm x 400mm, using a 12mm notch trowel.  This will prevent water tracking and leaking from the wet area.

Selection of the correct tile adhesive for the job is critical.  Tile adhesives are classified based on their composition, curing method and tensile adhesive strength.  For instance, a C2 adhesive is cement based and improved to have greater tensile strength.  To determine the best tile adhesive for the job, check with tile adhesive manufacturers.


Installation Points
Back butter tiles greater than 400mm x 400mm using a 12mm notch trowel.

Installing tiles over a set height requires the addition of mechanical fixing.  Check with the tile adhesive manufacturer and Australian Standards for requirements.


Do not ‘Spot Fix’ or ‘Dot Fix’.  Tile adhesive manufacturers do not recommend this type of fixing nor does the Australian Standards.

Do not tile over the water stop in the shower recess.  A minimum of 5mm above the tile is required.

Do not place chicken wire within the tile adhesive.


Australian Standards
Refer to AS3958 for complete tiling standard.


If you have any questions regarding tile adhesive issues, please contact Wet-seals Technical Team to discuss possible solutions.  Wet-seal’s Technical Team can be contacted on 1800 025 081 or via email at technical@wet-seal.com.au

Alternatively, please speak with your local Franchisee directly.  Details of how to contact your local Franchisee can be found at Find A Franchisee