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For Longer Lasting Balconies, Seal Your Deck Or Balcony Using The Industry’s Best In Balcony Waterproofing

If you are looking to waterproof your deck or balcony, use the best in the business, Wet-Seal. The company has been delivering quality balcony waterproofing for over 25 years and has grown into a nationwide operation known for its superior workmanship. Wet-Seal started in 1984 and had developed into a huge national franchise operation. It has been able to because of its superior products, industry knowledge, and expert workmanship. Each franchise is locally owned and operated and owners take a great deal of pride in the quality of their service and maintaining the company’s incredible reliability rating.

In the company’s 25-plus years of existence, they have delivered waterproofing services to almost one million different wet areas. The company’s reliability rating is 99.9 percent, which is amazing. What it means is that a Wet-Seal waterproofing of a balcony is done correctly and done right the first time. That waterproofing the balcony deck will prevent leaks and save a homeowner or building owner several thousands of dollars over time. Imagine a concrete deck that suffers from groundwater damage after just a few years of use. The costs to repair or replace such damage can be astronomical and those costs could have been saved by using the services of Wet-Seal.

Wet-Seal franchises pride themselves on being the industry’s best in not only waterproofing products and application, but also in education. The company provides a basic handbook for waterproofing available on its website to help educate the general public on the benefits and why different areas need to be waterproofed. Franchisees are also experts in their products and application technology. They go through an extensive four-week training program and then maintain their product knowledge with ongoing continuing education.

Wet-Seal franchises, and those that they service, benefit greatly from advances in technology that the company makes. They have their own in-house research and development department that has a chemist on staff to help develop new products and technologies to innovate the industry. The company is always on the cutting edge of the latest in waterproofing solutions. All new products developed by the department are always certified by the CSIRO independent testing laboratories. Wet-Seal performs all types of waterproofing services including external and internal sealing. The last thing that a new homeowner or builder needs is a small hole or crack that develops into a leak in a foundation. Leaks can cause serious damage and may not even be obvious at first. The results can be disastrous and lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs. Homeowners, and builders, can protect themselves by having retaining walls and foundations sealed.

The company’s exclusive membrane – it is only available to Wet-Seal franchise owners – is very durable and is resistant to household chemicals. It is also flexible so that it will withstand any type of building movement. The membrane eliminates druminess and its quality is guaranteed with a seven-year warranty. When you are looking to get the best, whether it’s waterproofing a deck or sealing an interior wet area, go with the industry leader and use Wet-Seal.

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