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Got Leaking Decks? Hire The Best, Wet-Seal, For Waterproofing Of Your Concrete Or Ply Decks

If you are one of the many that have exterior decks, your worst nightmare is a leak. Leaking decks can be very costly, but they can be prevented. Wet-Seal, Australia’s leader in waterproofing decks, has been in the business for over 25 years and has served thousands and thousands of satisfied customers. As a franchise operation, homeowners can find Wet-Seal throughout all of Australia and even New Zealand. The company currently has 47 locations in Australia and seven in New Zealand.

Protect Your Investment By Waterproofing Your Concrete Deck

Wet-Seal franchise owners take great pride in their workmanship and their customer service. They use the company’s unique waterproofing membranes and application process. When a homeowner has a concrete deck that needs protected, the professionals of Wet-Seal have the answer. They are highly trained and qualified to apply a complete waterproofing system that will save a homeowner thousands of dollars in the long run.

Wet-Seal uses a low odour, low flammable system that is designed to last. The membrane has been rigorously tested independently and carries both BRANZ and CSIRO approval. It is both durable, resisting the most common chemicals, and flexible, moving with normal deck or building movement. Wet-Seal is so confident in its product and addressing decks that are leaking that it offers a seven-year warranty.

Industry Leaders In Australia And New Zealand

When it comes to anything in the industry even waterproofing a ply deck, Wet-Seal is the nation’s leader and expert. A visit to the company’s website will prove that they are, indeed, the best in the business. Homeowners can take advantage of the company’s “Basic Handbook For Waterproofing” that is available to download for free. The average homeowner may have some basic knowledge, but Wet-Seal works in the industry every day and is the national expert on all things waterproof.

The company has a top-notch, in-house research and development team. The team is constantly searching for methods to better improve their products. There is a highly qualified membrane Chemist on staff who works to find ways to improve. Other members of the team continually research up and coming waterproofing solutions. Gain Peace Of Mind, Work With The Best

Homeowners can do themselves a favor by working the nation’s best in the industry. Sure, there may be other outfits around that will do the job at a lower cost, but those companies almost always do an inferior job. When it comes to waterproofing leaky areas within a home or sealing a deck, Wet-Seal gets it right the first time. Too often, homes are left with trouble areas in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. One of the most common home maintenance issues – leaks – could be easily prevented with proper waterproofing.

Save yourself money in the long run and work with the best. Have your procedure done right the first time. Gain peace of mind knowing that you will not experience costly leaks with Wet-Seal. Feel safe knowing that they are completely Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant. They are also fully insured and cover any warranty work.

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