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Waterproofing Planning – “Crucial Things to Know”!

During the building of homes waterproofing is often an area that the Builder/Supervisor only considers just before tiling.  In the industry a Builder/Supervisor will often call up the Waterproofer to say “I’ve got the Tiler booked in to start tiling within a couple of days”.

The Builder/Supervisor may not have taken into consideration the time required for the Waterproofer to ensure that the substrate is ready for waterproofing.  The Waterproofer has to clean and prepare the area, check moisture levels of the substrate so that they are acceptable for the waterproofing membrane to be applied in accordance to the Manufacturer’s specifications.  Time has to be allowed for the waterproofing membrane to cure.  Times will vary depending on the type of membrane, temperature and weather conditions.

If a concrete substrate is damp for example, the normal procedure is to use a moisture barrier prior to applying the waterproof membrane.  Two-part water based epoxy’s work best when trying to overcome the moisture within the substrate, and it is important to follow the Manufacturer’s specifications.  It is also necessary to ensure the membrane that is to be applied over the two-part water based epoxy is compatible.

Water based membranes provide high quality waterproof protection of substrates.  Water-based membranes are now most prominent within the building industry, as they are more environmentally friendly than the older style solvent based waterproof membranes and help minimise risk factors for site work health and safety.

It is not unusual to hear of a water-based membrane being applied one day and tiled the next day.  However, the majority of water based waterproof membranes require a minimum of 48 hours prior to tiling.  Failing to follow the Manufacturer’s specifications can lead to major issues for owners, builders and contractors and increase the possibility of failure of the waterproofing membrane after the wet area has gone into service.

Often waterproofing membranes will have a “short dry time” but this doesn’t include the need to apply several coats in the waterproofing process.  Often coats will need to applied on separate site visits.  In practice the tile ready time is still often 48 hours from the start of waterproofing.  Always check the technical data sheets to see how many site visits to expect for the entire waterproofing process.

Drying and curing of the product is affected by the waterproofing membrane type, dryness and porosity of the substrate surface, temperature, humidity, ventilation, climate conditions and application technique.  There are a lot of variables to be factored in and therefore drying and curing times can only be given as a guide.  To protect the membrane during its drying time be sure to fully understand the minimum tile ready times.


Wet-seal Enviro-coat Waterproofing System (Water based)


Priming of cementitious substrates is required using Enviro-prime EP 20 or if the cementitious substrate is damp Wet-seal Top-coat 300 Two-part Water based epoxy is applied.

Waterproof Membrane – Wet-seal Enviro-coat

Wet-seal Enviro-coat is a one component, highly durable, latex hybridized polyurethane, water based waterproofing membrane.  Wet-seal Enviro-coat is naturally low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and can help to achieve Green Star Ratings for buildings.

Wet-seal Enviro-coat is applied in a “one site visit” method.  Wet-seal Enviro-coat is reinforced with inert fibre matting not just in the lineals but across the shower area and areas that full floor waterproofing is applied to.  The fibre re-enforced membrane ensures the best protection for high risk areas.  Wet-seal Enviro-coat is installed by trained professionals who understand the waterproofing requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and BRANZ Good Tiling Practice.

Drying and Curing

Wet-seal Enviro-coat is tile ready in 48 hours (depending on temperature and relative humidity).  Full Cure is reached within 3-5 days (depending on temperature and humidity).


To ensure the best waterproofing for your builds be sure to fully understand the requirements of the waterproofing system and allocate time based on substrate conditions, and dry and cure times of the selected waterproofing system.  Wet-seal expert waterproofers can assist you in planning around waterproofing to ensure the best job is done on every build.


For any other advice of a technical nature, Wet-seal’s highly experienced technical expert, Robert Rath, will be happy to take your call.  Robert can be contacted on 0800 436 000 or via email rrath@wet-seal.ws

Alternatively, please speak with your local Franchisee directly.  Details of how to contact your local Franchisee can be found at Find A Franchisee