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Waterproofing – Your REPUTATION is at stake!!


Waterproofing plays a major role within new buildings.  In this article we highlight the KEYS to keeping your reputation as a quality builder intact.


Low cost investment protects reputation and prevents high repair bills

The cost to waterproof new builds is typically in the range of 1-2% of the total build cost.  However 80% of building defects are waterproofing related. Waterproofing failure costs can easily run in to the thousands.  Building defects are also time consuming to repair, which ultimately affects your bottom dollar.  Leak detection is invasive and can take several days.  Repair and restoration takes time and resources that are better used elsewhere.  When the damage to a new build occurs the home owner may associate that with you, the builder, which can spread through negative social media.  To protect your reputation and operate effectively be sure to invest in the best waterproofing system, installed by professional licensed experts.


Right membrane for right job type

There are many different types of membranes available to the building industry; internal, external, below ground, trafficable, slip resistant, etc.  Using the correct membrane/system that is fit for purpose on different types of jobs is imperative.  You would not use internal wall sheets on your roof!  Make sure you use the right membrane for the job type.  Defects in waterproofing are often traced back to tradespersons not complying with the manufacturers specifications or trying to use a product or system to perform a specific task that it hasn’t been designed for.  Wet-seal are ISO certified and produce and manufacture waterproofing systems designed for each job type to meet the specifications in the Australian Standards for waterproofing.


Gaining the best results as a Builder:

When it comes to waterproofing, the best results come when the builder ensures the job meets the building code requirements, manufacturers and design requirements.  The best Waterproofer can ensure that the waterproofing is installed the right way every time and is up to date with the different waterproofing internal and external standards.

These include: AS3740:2010 amdt 2012, AS 4654.1, AS 4654.2 and the National Construction Codes series (NCC 2016).


You want a Waterproofer who:

  • Is competent and has excellent knowledge of basic building requirements (e.g. type of substrate, moisture readings, preparation, falls, waterproofing height requirements and drainage).


  • Is focused on waterproofing and totally understands the product/systems they are using.


  • Considers the ongoing tradespeople, leaving the job neat is a must to ensure the waterproofing installation is done right the first time.


  • Provides an insurance backed warranty and has strong corporate backing to ensure assistance is forthcoming at crunch time.


Wet-seal franchisee’s meet these requirements & are fully trained and experienced in the correct installation of waterproofing membranes to protect the build and the builder.


For any other advice of a technical nature, Wet-seal’s highly experienced technical expert, Robert Rath, will be happy to take your call.  Robert can be contacted on 0413 008 303 or via email rrath@wet-seal.ws

Alternatively, please speak with your local Franchisee directly.  Details of how to contact your local Franchisee can be found at Find A Franchisee