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For the Typical Tradesman in Search of Something Better, Join the Waterproofing Specialists of Wet-seal, the Finest Waterproofing Tradesmen in the Industry

If you are a tradesman who has envisioned owning his or her own business someday, that day may be closer than you think.  Wet-sSeal is the nation’s leader in waterproofing and can back that claim up having serviced almost one million different wet areas across Australia and New Zealand since the company’s inception in 1984.  Add to that the company’s 99.9% reliability rate and potential tradesmen can feel confident in joining the industry’s best.

The Wet-seal operation grew into a franchise operation in 2001 and currently has 47 franchises in Australia and 7 in New Zealand. All franchise owners become waterproofing specialists with 4 weeks of intensive training in products and application technology.  The education does not stop either as franchisees receive ongoing continuing education as well as technical, administrative, sales, and IT support.  A career with Wet-seal can be exciting as well as rewarding as you help homeowners across the country.

The company’s reliability rate proves the success of the product and the application technology.  The best waterproofing tradesmen are those at Wet-seal.  They get the job done right and get it done right the first time.  One of the biggest issues in homes is leaking bathrooms.  These leaks are usually the result of using inferior sealing products or faulty application of such products.  A toilet leak in a bathroom can lead to repair costs of anywhere from $500 to upwards of $20,000.  Homeowners and builders can save themselves thousands of dollars by hiring the best quality waterproofing tradesman in the business, a Wet-seal franchisee.

Franchise owners also benefit from the in-house research and development department.  The company is always on the cutting edge of emerging technology in the waterproofing industry.  The membrane is an exclusive product to Wet-seal franchises.  Only franchise owners are able to purchase the membrane directly from the company.

One of the big sticking points in working in the building and contracting industries in Australia and New Zealand has to do with adherence to Building Codes.  All Wet-seal systems are certified by the CSIRO independent laboratories and all application systems meet the Australia and New Zealand Standards and Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.  Franchisees and the homeowners and builders that they service can rest assured that they are working with the best in the industry.  Currently, only New South Wales and Queensland follow the Code and inspect waterproofing jobs.  Other States should begin to do so, but Wet-seal works to meet the strict requirements regardless.

Anyone who has had the desire to own a profitable business should consider the opportunities available at Wet-seal.  There are several benefits including working as a home-based business, being your own boss, and benefitting from a low entry cost.  All franchisees receive their own exclusive territory and can reap the benefits of the company-wide research and development as well as the marketing and administrative help offered by the company.

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