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Our waterproofing systems are of the highest quality, independently tested by the CSIRO & appraised by BRANZ, strong & durable & used internationally.  Wet-seal’s products & service not only comply with mandatory building industry requirements, but exceed Australian & New Zealand Standards.  All Wet-seal applicators are highly trained & certified.

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Your Wet-seal Specialist: Brendan Smith and Ray Kime

Mobile: 0414 689 053

Head Office Number: 1800 025 081

Email: newcastle@wet-seal.com.au

Areas Covered: Beresfield, Broadmeadow, Cameron Park, Cardiff, Chisholm, Fletcher, Glendale, Hamilton, Lambton, Maryland, Merewether, Minmi, Newcastle, Thornton, and all areas in between.

Newcastle’s Independent Franchisee for Wet-seal

Mayjean Investments Pty Limited

Waterproofing Licence Number: 380003C

Wet-seal services offered:

Internal Waterproofing for areas such as:

  • Bathrooms/Ensuites/Powder Rooms, etc
  • Showers
  • Laundries
  • Toilets

External Waterproofing for areas such as:

  • Decks/Balconies
  • Retaining Walls
  • Planter Boxes
  • Ponds
  • External Joint Sealing

For all other waterproofing requirements, please contact Ray and Brendan direct.

It’s hard to overstate the value of quality products and attentive work in the waterproofing around your Newcastle property. The reality is that ‘good enough’ often isn’t. Even a small point of failure in a water barrier can allow moisture to start reaching areas it shouldn’t. Over time, that can lead to significant issues and major repairs.

With Wet-seal waterproofing, you can put those worries to bed. Through our excellence in product selection, preparation, and application, we achieve the 100% barrier you need.

Benefits of Shower Waterproofing for Newcastle Homes

Providing our customers with a service that makes a real difference is important to every member of the Wet-seal team. Keeping that goal in mind drives us to innovate in product development and application techniques. When you use our services for safeguarding wet spaces, you’ll see these advantages:

  • Non-acrylic sealing products are tested and proven to last longer and provide a more effective water barrier.
  • Highly trained applicators who understand where to reinforce waterproofing and how to achieve an even seal.
  • Long-term confidence in the soundness of our solutions and the backing of a seven-year warranty.

With nearly 1 million spaces waterproofed in our 30 years of existence, we look forward to adding your home to the list of successful projects.

Bathroom Waterproofing for Newcastle Homes

All our work complies with the building code standards in both Australia and New Zealand. However, standards merely set the bar — we always aim to clear that bar with five-star service for our clients. All Wet-seal franchisees uphold our high standards, starting with clear communication upfront and continuing through to clean, fast work in your home.

Our services flex to meet your needs. We work well alongside other trades and can contribute to the speedy completion of your project. For existing homes and bathrooms, we treat your space with respect each day. Our non-hazardous coating product produces low odour to preserve your home environment.

With Wet-Seal, Waterproofing is Easier Than Ever

Keeping water away from sensitive spaces shouldn’t be a constant battle. Instead, you should be able to enjoy years of reliability.

Enjoy friendly, local assistance from a team that cares about good results. With our once-and-done-right approach to product application, you can move on to other important projects around your property. See how simple it is to get started with better, more thorough waterproofing around Newcastle today.