Professional, Certified & Reliable Waterproofing Specialists

waterproofer north shore

Our waterproofing systems are of the highest quality, independently tested by the CSIRO & appraised by BRANZ, strong & durable & used internationally.  Wet-seal’s products & service not only comply with mandatory building industry requirements, but exceed Australian & New Zealand Standards.  All Wet-seal applicators are highly trained & certified.


Your Wet-seal Specialist: Robert Davies

Mobile: 0274 750 283

Head Office Number: 0800 436 000

Email: waikato@wet-seal.co.nz

Areas Covered: Coromandel, Eaton, Hamilton, Hamilton East, Hamilton Central, Hamilton South, Horsham Downs, Huntly, Raglan, Te Kuiti, Whangamata, Woodridge, and all areas in between.

Waikato’s Independent Franchisee for Wet-seal

Green Dream Limited – GST 77 226 001

Council Author Number: 0013

Wet-seal services offered:

Internal Waterproofing for areas such as:

  • Bathrooms/Ensuites/Powder Rooms, etc
  • Showers
  • Laundries
  • Toilets

    For all other waterproofing requirements, please contact Robert direct.