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Moisture Vapour Barriers Protect You

Moisture vapour barriers prevent damage caused by water migrating from outside, through the concrete slab and into the dwelling.  Most new concrete slabs use a moisture vapour barrier under the concrete which normally consists of 200 µm builders plastic, but if that fails moisture may be drawn up through the porous concrete which could then cause mould to grow along with other building defects.  A moisture vapour barrier on top of the concrete will stop the water entering the dwelling.


Using a moisture barrier coating can prevent:

  • Mould growth – which in turn leads to heath issues
  • Flooring failure – carpet, vinyl’s and levelling underlays
  • Decay of the building structure
  • Timber cupping


Wet-seal’s waterborne epoxy moisture vapour barrier systems effectively prevent these issues occurring.  Wet-seal manufacture systems locally that provide a permanent moisture barrier to protect you and your assets.


Wet-seal’s Top-Coat 300 and MVP (Moisture Vapour Primer) are both waterborne epoxies that when applied as a 2 coat system, offer superior performance and provide an excellent basis for waterproofing and flooring products to be applied over.


If you have any questions regarding moisture related issues, please contact Wet-seal’s Technical Team to discuss possible solutions.  Wet-seal’s Technical Team can be contacted on 0800 436 000 or via email at technical@wet-seal.co.nz


Alternatively, please speak with your local Franchisee directly.  Details of how to contact your local Franchisee can be found at Find A Franchisee